Work-injury programs get you back to work.

Affiliated is proud to offer one of the most comprehensive work-injury programs in the state. Here’s what we offer for you, your employer and insurance case managers:


Worksite Ergonomic Analysis helps assure you that every aspect of your workstation or work area is arranged to help prevent injuries and overuse conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.


Functional Capacity Evaluations quantify your capabilities following injury for the benefit of you, your employer, the insurance company or attorneys.


Industrial Work Simulation creates a model of your work environment, to help us simulate your work tasks so we can better prepare you to do your job without injuring yourself.


Pre-Work Screens help determine your ability to perform required work tasks safely and are required by many labor-intensive companies before you can be placed in a job.

We’ll also keep your physician, employer and Workers’ Compensation insurance company informed about your care. When you’ve been hurt, the last thing on your mind should be paperwork!